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These snappy little silicone wristbands bands can be worn by students after learning a new spelling rule or concept. These wristbands are a powerful (and fun) way to reinforce the memorisation of rules or conceps taught in Playberry intervention lessons 




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Spelling Rules  



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Designed to be installed as a large wall mural, this inforgaphic is just naughty enough to capture the imigination of kids of all ages and get them curious about some of the important English spelling rules. 

Some of the ideas covered are:

  • Rules for using 'c', 'k' and 'ck'
  • The Floss rule
  • Spelling the (ah) sound
  • Short and long vowels
  • Morphology 
  • Soft / hard 'c' and 'g'
  • Positional frequency for the long vowel spellings

The Spelling Rules infographic also contains some interesting information about the origins of the English spelling system and can act as a springboard for teachers to explore etymology with their students. 



A cheeky introduction to morphology


Spelling the sound (j) on the ends of words




Soft 'g' and 'c' rule




Large Laminated Posters

A1 Laminated Poster (841mm X 594mm) SALE PRICE $44.95  +p/h


A0 Laminated Poster (1189mm X 841mm) SALE PRICE $75.95+p/h




PVC Banners (suitable for indoor or outdoor)

A2 size  SALE PRICE $132 +p/h 

postage and handling not included and will be determined on order



A1 size SALE PRICE $132 + p/h

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A0 size SALE PRICE $219 +p/h

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Self-Adhesive Vinyl Wall Murals

A2 SALE PRICE $89.50 +p/h 

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A1 SALE PRICE $89.50 +p/h 

postage and handling not included and will be determined on order



A0 SALE PRICE $189 +p/h 

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Even Larger Wall Murals

Tell me your dimensions and I'll get back to you with a price for supply and installation. 


Restorative Practices Script Cards



These Restorative Practices Pocket Sized Script cards (120mm x 80mm) are taken directly from my new book      "A Practical Introduction to Restorative Practice in Schools (JKP)". They are perfect for teachers who are becoming fluent with the language of restorative questioning and small group conferencing. 




Inside of the Individual Script Card:



 There are 5 different types of script:


  • Early Years Conference Scripts (green)
  • Individual Conference Script (purple)
  • Small Group Conflict Conference Script (orange)
  • Small Group Conference Script (blue)
  • Detention / Time Out Follow-up Script (navy)




These cards can be purchased in sets

Pack of 10 cards (in any combination) $9.90 + $2 p/h

Pack of 20 cards (in any combination) $18.70 + $3 p/h

Pack of 50 cards (in any combination) $44 + $5.20 p/h

Pack of 100 cards (in any combination) $82.80 + $7.60 p/h


To Purchase

Please send purchase order or email specifying quantity and types of cards required to Bill will post the cards with invoice to you.







Spelling Step By Step

By Anne Italiano

$38.50 (incudes p/h)



This little gem of a resource by Anne Italiano is rich with spelling rules as well as added information about syllable types, grammar and morphology (the stuff of base words and affixes) to give the information teachers and students need to bring context to why the rules work the way they do. 

Every teacher and tutor must have this handy little book within reach when teaching spelling, setting spelling lists and activities or when correcting spelling. This resource is sure to enrich any spelling program. 





Wooden Alphabet


$39.90 per set + p/h

These highy durable wooden apphabet lettsrs are available in UPPER and lower case. Activities with these letters is an important component of a multisensory lesson. Those who attend our training "Teaching Students with Dyslexia" learn how to use this resource with students.


Knowing the alphabet song doesn't mean they know the Alphabet

Many students can say the alphabet song but cannot correspond letters with their names. This is where the wooden letters come in as an important teacher of letter name - letter correspondence. Only when letter names are memorised can the phonics work proceed with real effectiveness.

A student's ability to sequentially order the letters of the alphabet needs to be developed also, as this is a prerequisute to using any resource that has a alphabetised list (dictionaries, encyclopeadias etc.)

Students with dyslexia also need explicit teaching to understand that the letters of the alphabet symbolise speech sounds and that these speech sounds make up words. This insight is known as the alphabetic principle

Games with the alpabet letters are a great way to:

  • Familiarise students with the names and shapes of the letters
  • Help students appreciate the position of each letter in the alphabet as well as its correct orientation
  • Find missing letters to strengthen sequencing 
  • Practice the important concepts of 'forwards', 'backwards,' 'before', 'after', "in front of' and 'behind' that students will need to understand to use spelling rules (e.g. we use 'k' before 'i', 'e', or 'y')
  • Teach the vowels and consonants and the differences between the types of sounds they make in words
  • Strengthen auditory and visual sequential memory of letter names and letters through paired associate learning


$39.90 per set + $10 postage and handling

All prices are for postage within Australia




Order UPPER CASE alphabet letters 


We use UPPER CASE letters first in the Playberry Program with new and less experienced students. While students are learning the alphabet and the letter names, upper case letters are less confusing because they do not pose b,d,p,q,n,u reversals. Working with wooden letters in the Playberry program is not phonics. We use the wooden letters to help students memorise their sequence, their look, their feel and their correct orientation through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (VAK) memory systems. Students practice sequencing letters, developing auditory and visual memory for letters of the alphabet and by doing so, memorising them. 


Order LOWER CASE alphabet letters 


We sometimes introduce LOWER CASE letters once students are proficient with upper case. However, in the Playberry program, students are already handwriting in lower case by the time lower case alphabet letters are introduced. 


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